Scumraid-Demo tape 2012

I know absolutely nothing about South Korean scene, actually Scumraid is the first band i know coming from this country. Scumraid is a noisy trio from Seul and this tape is is their demo, recorded and self-released sometime in 2012. I don't know if they have any other release under their, if you know anything just drop some lines here. The demo comes in white pro-tapes and consists of six tracks of chaotic crusthercrust in the vein of Gloom, Defector, Zyanose, Disclose, D-Clone, Giftgasattack, Go Filth Go! and the likes: Maximum distortion to the buzzsaw guitar and thundering bass, fast bashing drums handled by a cute girl, cacophonous screamed vocals and raw, very raw as hell sound carrying the flag and the spirit of Gloom who are named as their main influence (check here). A sonic Armageddon that lasts 7:35". The cover includes lyrics (in English and in Korean) in the inlay. All and all this is a nice tape for all those wicked ears and drunk brains who are into crushercust noise.
I don't know how many copies were made, this seems to be available: A quick search in the web returns some distros/labels having this in their list (Punk and Destroy, W-Tapes, Gasmask Records Third Eye Grind and others). Also there are many vids on Youtube with footages from several live appearances, check them out.No more blurb, go get the tape, Download link is provided by the band.



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