Endless War-st demo 2010

Endless War is a five piece crust and roll band ,they come from Manizales, Caldas, Colombia and here we have their demo from 2010, i discovered them among some other interesting bands in D-beat hasta que te sangren los oídos a compilation with bands from South America.  they also appeared in Anti-War Distort Colombia compilation. According to their myspace this demo and the contributions in the aforementioned compilations seem to be their only recorded material but this page seems to be abandoned so i can say if they released anything or even if they are still active. If you are from Colombia and happen to known anything about them just write some words and fill the blank lines. Now about the demo: Unfortunately their demo consists of only two songs but the song that is included in D-Beat hasta.. comp. (Produce hasta agotar) is one of the top tracks of compilation: D-beat Crust n Roll in the vein of Inepsy, Whpipstriker, Motorbreath and the likes, delivering brutal rough vocals, raw guitars with filthy solos and leading parts and a shitload of Motorhead influences, alcohol smell and cigarette stench. This is really good. The demo lasts over five minutes and delivers the goods.
No need for more rant, go get it, download link is provided by the band



Toxik Boys said...

Out of topic but, by the way, Holocausto, one of the chilean bands in DBEAT HASTA QUE TE SANGREN LOS OIDOS, comes from Bio-Bio! Luis (guitar and grunts) used to run "Destroy'em all" blog :D. He has a one-man hc band too.

Thanks for the post.

7inchcrust said...

thanx for the information my friend,i remember a blog named Destroy em All in Spanish language, actually it was in my blog link list when it was still active.

Andrés said...

Hello, is really amazing find the music of your friends in this international blog. Thank you!
Ok, Endless War finished at 2 or 1 year ago, is a shit because it was a good band. in this band played people of another bands like Doomsday, TKT (Todos kontra todos) and another projects that i cant remeber or not exist any song recorded.
The good part of the history is that the people who played in Endless war, now play in this hc punk band: The Eyeless.
Manizales are the land of d-beat crust and hcpunk that i most love in this country.
i live in bogota.

7inchcrust said...

thanks Andrés,The Eyeless sound good,feel free to send any bands that you think should be posted/promoted here

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hi! I was the lead guitar on Endless War. Thanx for the words! Here's another song we recorded but never came out to light. It was part of an EP we've never finished. Hope you like it.
And yes, here's my new band, The Eyeless... with some material we recorded since the band is active, feel free to share it, download it!!! Cheers!!!

7inchcrust said...

thanx Juan, i l check your new band