Wagars-Demo 2012

I discovered the quartet of  Wagars from Rīga, Latvia while i was browsing the crust and D-beat tags in bandcamp and yeah this blending of crust, D-beat and black metal was a nice surprise to my ears: "By admiring the wilderness and untamed, mysterious power of the nature, we chime post-apocalyptic moods – in a simple, fast, and sharp manner. Like a hail spurt driven by the Northern winds.Drop the delusion of civilization and return to the primitivism and bosom of the wild nature!"  I think they said it all in this statement. Members were/are in several bands such as Kastete, Ocularis Infernum, Dehydrated Goat, Collide, Huskvarn and others. Their demo consists of ten tracks of of dark blackened crust blending Dark Throne's crust sides with black metal guitar works and punk/hardcore rhythm section while some  blast beats appear here and there. Sometimes the crust punk dominates and sometimes black metal overcomes in song writtingThe use of writtings of poet Imants Ziedonis, one of the heroes of Latvia's national awakening, may rise some worries about being right wingers but as they say in farcebook "Wagars is not a political band, We do not represent any kind of political views, religious systems, any particular school of philosophy. We celebrate diversity of people’s ideas, political views, ethnicity, race, gender, age etc." Give it a listening, it  is good enough, for fans of black metal orientated crust (or crust influenced black metal). And don't get fooled by the foto: They are a quartet and not a three man band.Lyrics are in Latvian language (no translation in English). This was released as cd by P3lican Partisans.



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