Swordwielder -Demo -12

 When a band comes from Sweden we usually expect some kang punk/crust/crustcore with strong D-beat or metal influences but here we got something different: Swordwielder hail from Gothenburg and deliver metallic and doomy stenchcore heavily influenced by Deviated Instinct, Amebix and Axegrinder. They don't have any myspace/farcebook whatever site so there is no any information about them. This demo is their first release it came out in spring '12 and consists of four lengthy tracks (total running time 26 minutes). There are powerful shouted and clean vocals instead the growls or howls  used by many bands of the genre (Sanctum, Stormcrow etc), slow and mid paced drumming, heavy guitar riffage and heavy pounding bass. This is heavy as hell, epic (the beginning of World Funeral is great) and emotional, metallic, doomy and pessimistic with titles such as World Funeral, Fields of Genocide or With my dying breath i curse this world. The sound quality is excellent, all songs are great and deliver the heavy goods and despite being lengthy (With my dying breath... lasts over nine minutes and World Funeral seven minutes) never become a boring shit. A great demo for a start reminding The Rise of the Serpent Men. As i said there is no any site of Swordwielder but you can contact them via mail for a copy. The demo is available for free in their bandcamp
No more bullshit ranting, go get some stenchcore and rot while listening.



The Earslaughterers said...

This is actually really good. The band doesn't fall in all the usual traps of the genre (meaning they don't try to be Hellshock or Bolt Thrower). It reminds me of Counterblast "Balance of pain" era, early Morne and the mid-tempo songs of Contagium.
A band I am going to follow closely.

Cheers for posting it mate!

7inchcrust said...

thanks for the comment,yes they are really good.