Moribund Scum-Live demo 2011

Moribund Scum come from Braunschweig, Germany, they formed in winter 2010 and here is their live demo recorded sometime in 2011. Music wise, its a little difficult to classify them as a metal or crust band since they walk in both territories thrash metal and crust, sometimes they sound like an old school thrash metal band and sometimes like a metallic crust band in the vein of Extinction of Mankind (they cover Without Consent), imagine a metal thrashing version of Extinction of Mankind with a few hints of D-beat here and there and you have these guys, even the vocals remind me of Ste. The recording is live recorded at Nexus, the sound is raw and there are seven tracks that last over 26 minutes. They are about to do some proper recordings in the next months. Download link is provided by the band (thanks Ross and cheers!)


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