Hello Bastards/Jagernaut-split tape 2012

Here is the split tape with the political punks Hello Bastards coming from several places of world and based in London, UK and the greek grinding crusties Jagernaut: I posted the Uprising demo of sXe/vegan punks Hello Bastards many moons ago ( there),check it to get an idea or visit their site for more, here they contribute thirteen songs of furious fastcore with angry shouted vocals spitting political messages and hyper-speeding drums, all songs are fast and short and only a few last over a minute. Jagernaut deliver brutal grinding crustcore with throaty vokills, thrashing guitar riffs and fast drumming reminding early Extreme Noise Terror, they include people involved with Kalazaar, Asphyxia, etc and bring a six track sonic and lyrical journey into the nightmare of a post apocalyptic world,the intro sample is the perfect threshold to their Apocalyptic crustcore mayhem. The split comes in green pro tapes in 200 copies and was released by a bunch of labels and distros, (Scullcrasher, Noise Attack, Alcoholic Disaster,), the cover made by Jerboa folds out and includes lyrics. This is offered for free in bandcamp but also available from the labels, buy a copy and support DIY scene. Wait for their next assault, the split 7" with Terlarang from Malaysia.



mikxxx said...

this is an amazing split, billy. you may not pay attention to the jagernaur track "Life means Shit", but in the refrain you can hear that the guy is not spelling life means shit but NO-VI-SAD. saying this, it's the band's tribute to all the communist partizans that gave their lives for a better tomorrow. from wiki:

:"In 1941, the Kingdom of Yugoslavia was invaded and partitioned by the Axis powers, and its northern parts, including Novi Sad, were annexed by Hungary. During World War II, about 5,000 citizens were murdered and many others were resettled. In three days of Novi Sad raid (21—23 January 1942) alone, Hungarian police killed 1,246 citizens, among them more than 800 Jews, and threw their corpses into the icy waters of the Danube, while the total death toll of the raid was around 2,500.[11][12] Citizens of all nationalities - Serbs, Hungarians, Slovaks, and others - fought together against the Axis authorities.[12] In 1975 the whole city was awarded the title People's Hero of Yugoslavia.

The communist partisans from Syrmia and Bačka entered the city on 23 October 1944. During the Military administration in Banat, Bačka and Baranja (October 17, 1944 - January 27, 1945), the partisans killed a number of citizens who were perceived as Axis collaborators or a threat to the new regime. According to article in Večernje novosti from June 9, 2009, most of the people killed by the partisans in Novi Sad were ethnic Serbs"

7inchcrust said...

thanks Mike,i didn't know that and to be honest didn't notice a shit despite the numerous times in listened their side in bandcamp (Life-means-shit...No-vi-sad tairiazoun)

Scull Crasher said...

First of all,thanks for posting this on your blog! What Mike says about the "Life Means Shit" lyrics may not be true at all but he definitely gave me food for thought haha! The song is about how society glorifies the human life over everything else living on this earth despite the fact that the human race is to blame for the destruction of everything natural...don't know if it makes any sense but that's the main idea behind it. On second thought, the Novi Sad story fits perfectly as in times of warfare the ethical barriers and values that otherwise "separate us from animals" collapse and primal survival instincts take over.

7inchcrust said...

hi Bak and thanks for the comment. No matter what is true i like the Jagernaut side which brings some post apocalyptic scenery to my mind(the intro,the lyrics,the whole shit),keep up the great work with No Exit and best wishes for the distro