Suffer the Pain-The Death demo 2012

Punk and metal? a combination that kick asses when each genre comes in with the right percentage to complete the other. Suffer the Pain come from Sweden and deliver a mixture of metal and hardcore blending Swedish death metal with käng hardcore. The Death is their unreleased five track demo which is going to be released in tape format and brings a mixture of furious raw punk with (Swedish death) metal, imagine the fast metallic riffs of early Dismember or Darkthrone blended with hardcore parts bringing the whole thing closer to the punk territory and all these under brutal yelled vocals. There is a cover of Rocky Erickson's Bloody hammer, unusual choice but well played and faster than the original. The Death is available for listening in the bandcamp and free for downloading in Soundcloud.

See here,listen here and get it here


SufferThePain said...

Cheers for that!

7inchcrust said...

Skål! :)