Last Legion ALive-demo cd 2009

These stenchcore crusties hail from East Flanders, Belgium and this is their four track demo recorded in 2009. This demo is their only release, according to their myspace " final mix for splitt LP with Hellstorm finished next week ! ARTWORK is ready also !! apocalyps is near !"
Band members are also in other crust acts (Silence Means Death and Link), the demo delivers 13 minutes of heavy stenching crust that haves its roots in the legacy of Axegrinder and Deviated Instinct. The sound is raw, guitars spit metallic riffs with some dark melodic leading parts, songs move in fast and midpaced yet steady beat with nice beat changes and breaks, vocals are inhuman grunts and come from the lungs of a girl, lyrics deal with the usual topics. There is an interesting interview and a gig report in amazing Crucified Freedom blog, give it a reading, and as they say in their myspace the split with greek Dis-crust monsters Hellstorm is about to come out very soon,don't miss it! dnld link is blatantly stolen from Red and Anarchist Black Metal (thanks mr BK)



..crucified freedom.. said...

arghhh!, great, great band!! I saw them on gig in Zagreb and they sound perfect! here is also report from that gig: http://crucifiedfreedom.blogspot.com/2010/03/stigma-i-hope-you-suffer-last-legion.html

can't wait to hear split w Hellstorm!

btw, it's great to see that you're back with posting here..

Anonymous said...

Sick! You wouldn't happen to have anything from Link too?

7inchcrust said...

@ Crucified Freedom:thanks for the gig report link and your nice words,i m back on track with Crust Demos and i really enjoy it, new split cover artwork is awesome and created by Steve of Vision of War, i had the chance to listen one of Hellstorm new songs and its really great.
@anonymous:no i don't have anything from Link, Crustcracker posted The Sky Turned Into Darkness some years ago

..crucified freedom.. said...

yes, I saw the artwork for cover, too and its awesome! steve is hell of an artist!..

thank you for adding this "amazing" in front of c. freedom,hehehe ;)..

me too really enjoy downloading from this blog, demos are the best!..in some cases better than the official albums..

7inchcrust said...

yeah, i know what you mean, i got the same mood about demos from time to time.
you make great work in Crucified Freedom, keep it up! cheers!

killbo L.L.A. said...

hey there !

arne , guitar from last legion alive here,...
just to say , we are honoured that you put our demo online here! It's nice to see our stuff getting spread over the globe... !

If anyone would need a bigger frontcover, backcover, and cd-label of the demo, to print and put DIY together at home, just give us a shout at the myspace or whatever and we'll send it!

Take care & cheers
Arne killbo & L.L.A.

ps : by the beginning of next month the LP will be ready!

7inchcrust said...

Hello Arne
This is Billie from Crust-Demos,we are always glad to see band members here,thanks for your kind words.
i m waiting for the split with Hellstorm, Stiv did great work for the cover!