Discrusher-Raw Demo cdr 2007

Discrusher are the masters of grindcrust noise from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, they formed in 2006 and Raw demo is a five track cdr recorded in 2007, their discography includes also the Raw Noise demo cdr which is the Raw Demo plus three bonus tracks a split cd w Noituus from Finland and the Humanity Brutality 3 way split w Wings of Black Vengeance and Hellexist. There is also an entry in their myshit telling about a 7"
Raw Demo was released in 100 copies w stencil plus 300 incl. a sticker by Kasyorga Records & Distro. Discrusher in the 3 way split deliver tuned down brutal grindcrust with distorted growling vocals that bring the band to the grindcore territory. In Raw Demo the sound is raw and crispy and more in the crust area, the metal edged guitar riffs and the shouted/throaty dual vocals deliver the crust feeling. Tracks are short and the demo lasts for about 6:20", lyrics are in the usual topics (anti-war, freedom etc).


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