neBulo Quidam-Ao vivo em Juazeiro/BA (2006) & Petrolina/PE (2006)

neBulo Quidam hail from Brazil, they are a crust/grind band with anarchopunk/libertarian intents and here you can get two live sets from 2006. I dont know anyshit about them and hell no,there is no any myspace page. I think Glesio who plays neBulo Quidam and also runs GMassacre blog should enter and write some infofrmation about the band. Anyway, the live in Juazeiro lasts over 28 and the set in Petrolina nearly 24 minutes, The sound is raw and noisy the way most punk,hc etc live recordings are and hides the abilities of band so has no meaning to say this sounds like this or like that, i d' like to listen some studio recordings. Many thanks to Glesio who contributed this
give it a try:

Ao vivo em Juazeiro/BA (2006)
Ao vivo em Petrolina/PE (2006)

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