Dokuga-Demo 2007

The city of Porto in Portugal is widely known for the famous wines but now punx will remember it for Dokuga: A four piece D-beat hardcore act that was formed around 2007, this is their six track demo that was recorded the same year, i don't know if there are any other releases. on their myspace there are two pre-mixed new tracks. The demo lasts for about fifteen minutes and delivers rough D-beat and as the band says it is infuenced by UK 's and Japanese D Beat lords. The sound is descent with thick guitar sound, rough vocals and fast beat and delivers power and anger. All tracks are in the same level, not any fillers here, personally E espera do caos is my fav tack because of guitar's few crust hints. As conclusion this is a honest effort made with love and passion, hope to hear more of them


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Anonymous said...

Actually they recently released a split cd with Motornoise (also punk band from Oporto)!