Krossa-Demo 2003

This is brutal D-Beat from Tokyo, Japan. Their myspace has not any information and the only shit i know about them is that D-Takt & Råpunk just released their fresh new ep. if you know anyfart about them just write some lines. This demo came out in 2003 or so and delivers three tracks of raging dis-core heavily influenced by Anti Cimex, Disarm and such acts. No need to say anything, go get it


Anonymous said...

Wow! Is this really the same Krossa from D&R? Everything sounds way different.

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Upside Down said...

This is definitely not the Japanese Krossa. This 'band' is from a very different continent never mind country. The 'members' must want this kept secret as 'trhey' will have seen this post no doubt. I actually thought it was 2004 that this was released.