Habemus Kaos/Confrönto-split lp

This is not a demo but a split official release with two bands coming from Spain and Peru: Habemus Kaos come from La Rioja, northern Spain, they formed in 2005 and they released a split tape w Sub Rats and and a split ep w Raiser. (Habemus Kaos tracks from both releases are offered for free here). Confrönto hail from Lima Peru, (not any relation w the Brazilian metallers) they are some vets who started as Materia Organica back in 1989(!), the band in its current form released a split tape w Battle of Disarm (1999), the 'Condenados a Morir' cd(200) a 3 way split tape w Massklakt and Kobayashi (2001) and is going to release a split ep w Warvictims, check their myspace for more details and infos about their early years.
This lp is posted here because is a piece of exellent Dis-crust and the bands offer it for free. each band contributes eight tracks and nearly 38 minutes total running time of brutal D-beat discrust that moves in the usual speed: Without exploring a new area, both bands bring some great tunes that will cares the ears of D-beat lovers, Confrönto side is slightly heavier because of the deep low growing vocals while Habemus Kaos deliver the goods through their angry guitar works that really rule. In general, the content of music is similar for both bands. Lyrics in Spanish and decent sound quality for both bands.



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Toxik Boys said...

Confronto is related with Pulverized Necro Brain (PNB), a grind-metal act back in the 88 or so. In 1986 PNB used to be called Insaner. Old school peruvian extreme shit. I didn't know they started as Materia Organica, but have sense to me, the sound of PNB, MO, Cannibalistic, sounds in the same vein.