This is the demo recording of the spanish punk outfit Invasion,which is done live i think,and is really awfull(that's why i uploaded the same tracks,but with a better recording).Better to let you people out there know this before you give this spanish d beat punkhardcore inferno a try.Now what's to know about this band is that nowdays theyre called destino final.Name changing probably occured as a result of member changing,though,music vise,it's preety much the same thing they always have played,hc punk with lots of discharge in it,but in a noisy and mean kinda way.I also need to mention that there's reverbed vocals,that gives the anger that comes out of the tunes,that extra kick in the back,just enough to get you into that whirlwind of distortion.Now a brief band history,the band is formed around 2004,same year this demo recording was made,3 years later,they release the first LP on la vida es un mus records,which contains these same tracks plus few more,and a bit more refined sound,year after they did another release,La Caza(the hunt) 12'',which after,the name is Destino Final.Enough word mollesting from me,noisiest thing to come out of spain since the civil war!!

here // bad but original recording here

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nico said...

ajajaj "noisiest thing since the civil war"
i'll give it a try just because of that.
excellent blog, cheers from argentina