Violent Pacification-Demo tape 2005

Violent Pacification is a thrashcore band from France, they formed in 2003 and this is their five track demo tape. Their myspace has no any information about, just a few things about their beginning. Members were previously and currently in bands such as Morbid Collection, Hellbats, Servant Boys, Evil Dead and others. they played several gigs in France and Germany and if i translated correctly, the demo was recorded in 2005, the same time they started a distro called Thrashzone .
Their demo is a kind of D.R.I. worship. (they took their name from D.R.I.'s Violent Pacification 7"), they deliver raging thrashcore in the vein of R.A.M.B.O, Vitamin X, Municipal Waste and of course D.R.I., the five tracks last for 5:20", the cover includes some artwork and the lyrics( they sing in French). I don't know if they went on and released anything else, just drop a line if you know anything that could enlighten us

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