(A)xidanc(E)-Fuck war,i will live in peace in love and in freedom!

It's all started in the end of 2005, but till that time up to nowadays band has changed a lot, so we can say that it's a birth of the new band. In 2008 we've recorded a demo "Fuck war,i will live in peace in love and in freedom!". This demo was released during the armed conflict between Georgia and South Osetia. The name of that demo explains everything. But also there are songs about animal liberation and about our real life in this nasty world where almost everything is selling and if we won't fight, we will still be some kind of slaves.
This is female fronted raw and noisy crust: (A)xidanc(E) hail from Ivanovo, Russia and the text above was taken from their myspace. "Fuck war.." demo and a video shot from a gig in Saint-Petersburg from August '09 are available for free in their myspace. My pc can not read the Russian language in the .txt folders that are included so i can't tell more about them. The demo delivers five neo crust songs plus one live track in the vein of Leadershit, Ictus etc with dark melodies and desperate screamed vocals. Tracks are fast with some slower emotional parts, lyrics are in Russian, the sound is raw and noisy almost in the levels of a gig recording and feeds the brutality the band delivers.
Future plans include a split w/ Catastrofe (Lima/Peru) and a 3-way split Е123 (Kirov/Russia), Ground Zero (Tver/Russia, their demo will be posted soon)


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