Shiv-Demo 2007

This is brutal crust at its finest: Shiv is (was?) a quartet from Slovenia, they formed in 2007 , this is their three track demo recorded the same year and the appropriate words that describe it are aggression and brutality: Guitars are sharp and heavy blending metal hints with D-Beat and some nice leading parts and solos reflecting Portland and Swedish scene influences, drums keep thrashing all time and the vehicle moves in high speed while some slower parts pop up from time to time and bring some nice and emotional leading guitar parts, vocals are screamed/yelled and rough, the sound quality is very good. Imagine a nice mix of Wolfbrigade and Tragedy and you got Shiv, i can't find anything bad to complain, wish only there were more tracks. These guys are great, i believe if they were from Sweden or the States, more people would already knew about them



Cheeroky said...

Hey, thanx for this post!!!
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Anonymous said...

i think this band never existed for real. this demo is computer made by one guy that later wanted to start playing live but it never realy got going