Kaosteori-Demo 2008

Kaosteori come from sweden from the city of Trelleborg to be exact.This is a five piece band,with two girls in it,bass and one of the guitars,and think the band is preety new.Anyway this is their demo,recorded around end of 2008,and has 6 tracks of,well,not so heavy as much as mellodic style crust,which puts this band shoulder to shoulder with tragedy or from ashes rise.The crust parts on this are quite catchy,though they dont offer anything new,and afcorse has the usual depressive melodic guitar tangling when they make pauses,which happens almost on every track.Now i dont know the lyrics,so they might be a high point in this band.All in all,this demo still passes the test,and if youre a neo crust fan,you will enjoi this.


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Anonymous said...

Can you please reupload this?