Acephalix-Demo 2009

San Francisco's Acephalix,is a new crust band with people that play in bands as defiance,depressor,poison idea.8 tracks of crushing crustcore,sounding like some japanese crust mixed with newer anti cimex,and slashed with mettalic riffs and power vocals.Now this band has done some member changing since first time they played,and i think thats the reason that there isn't any female vocals on all the tracks,though i might be wrong.But anyway,this is the demo,and they have a new 7'' which contains some of these tracks,put out recently on prank records.Cheers!


Icky said...

No longer is there a female vocalist, the twin guitar attack is there, and they "imported" a hot-shit young bass player dude from Italy a while back who rips.

They are starting to take over the SF scene, stoked for them!

gallo said...

Thanx for the info mate...was surprised by the band myself,really nice stuff!!