Anatomi-71-Annu ett liv at helvete cdr demo 2003

Anatomi-71 formed in Kristinehamn, a small city in Sweden in 1999, in their early days they were a joke-band or a not-so-serious-band, they recorded several demos and some of them were released in a split w the absolutely unknown grindcore act Nemo from USA, then in 2001 things got more serious and they transformed into what they are today: A noisy D-Beat hardcore band
They have released a split w Radioskugga,(2005), the "Hej kom och hjälp mig " ep (2005) and a lp called You "Mot nya höjder " (2006), a new mini lp called "På giftets vingar " just came out, you can find their complete discography in their site and a bit more detailed biography in Punk As Fuck. Annu ett liv at helvete is one of the demos they recorded after they transformed into a D-beat act, it delivers rage and brutality in nine songs (incl. a Avskum cover) that hardly last over a minute. There are endless loads of noise, raging drum beats, noisy guitars and screamed/yelled vocals, the whole shit lasts for eleven minutes.
Enjoy it, Skål!!!



masken said...

Thanks for using my site :-) Glad someone uses it. Grat blog btw!
Masken / Punk As Fuck

7inchcrust said...

Hi Masken, Punk as Fuck is my main resource when is about the Swedish scene :)

7inchcrust said...

its ok, you can repost anything you want :)
i have in mind to make the Asian Crust pt iii with bands from Singapore and a a 3rd comp with Swedish bands but thats gonna take time (maybe in the next months, who knows..)