Hellstorm-Demo 2009 (highly recomented)

This is one of the best if not the best of all crust demos i recently listened. Hellstorm is a new band from Greece and this is their first recorded material and in an amazing way they deliver some awesome tunes much better than what you would expect from an unknown crust band: This is D-Beat crust at its finest: The familiar crust landscapes of blackened skies, radiation clouds, innocent victims of war and darkening future are here created by the crust assault of four tracks along with the lyrical Armageddon. There are two fast tracks delivering dis-crust hell and two mid-paced with acoustic intros reminding of Warcollapse. Some guitar solos appear here and there and work really nice, vocals are rough, lyrics deal with the usual crust topics, sound quality is excellent and the whole thing last for 14 minutes.Hope to see more stuff from these guys

Get it here


Anonymous said...

shit, a very nice group.
thank you fot all your work, tihs blog is really good.
i don't make many comments cause i'm not very good in english but i follow you regularly

Pedro Sousa said...

I really liked this one. Keep up this nice blog man!

balbulus said...

Hi there,

I've just been asked by the guys from Crow (UK) to remove the links to their albums that you posted for me a while back.

They now have all their stuff available from:




Serpent said...

as far as I know, this will be rereleased as a split with some friends of mine; Last Legion Alive, a new stenchcore band from Belgium, with female vocals. Really good stuff!
They're still looking for labels for the split.