Distroy-Demo 2006

Distroy come from the edge of the world: North Hobart is suburb north of the capital city of Tasmania. I knew Tasmania only from Tasmanian devil cartoon, i always believed this is an island somewhere in south Pacific ocean but never really cared where this place is, so when i saw this band coming from there i google'd it and i found an island south of Australia, in other words one of the last pieces of land before the end of the world and the frost continent of Antarctica..
The name is Distroy and not Destroy and they have not any relation with Distroy from Netherlands, The demo was recorded sometime in 2006 or '07, there are not much infos on the web about the band but there is this excellent review and interview in Distort zine #14, and can be found in Punks is Hippies.
The demo delivers six tracks and 7:30" running time of raw Discharge-d D-Beat hardcore/crust with fast and faster tempos and rough vocals, sound quality is raw and good enough to deliver anger and wrath.
Distroy also released a 7" on Trend Ender Records, a copy maybe can be found in Capitalicide distro

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well balanced and friendly said...

hey i just thought i would let you know that the recording you have here isnt distroy from tasmania!!! I used to be in the band and those song are definately different!!!