Afterbirth-America uber alles

Afterbirth come from Edinburgh,Scotland,UK and include members of Sawn Off, Social Insecurity and Beergut. They started in 2002 as a side project and they have released a split 7" w the Scotish crusties Filthpact from Aberdeen in 2003, the "Robots of Death" demo mc/cd in 2004 and "Your Gods Vomit In Disgust" lp in 2006 . Soon a brand new lp titled Prophecies of Doom is going to come out by a bunch of labels
America uber alles is a ten track tape/cd demo, this is their first demo recorded in 2003,some of these tracks appear in their other releases. They deliver heavy crust with some metal hints here and there plus some grindcore moments. Vocals are brutal and hoarse, the sound quality is good and the intro or titles like AmericaUber Alles of Burning the Reichstag set things clear about the lyrics: The band deals with war on terror and imperialism of USA. This is a really good demo, hunt down their other releases.