War/System-Bastards of war [demo cd-r,2007]

well, i don't know much these guys: War/System is a crust band from Midlands of United Kingdom, according to their Myspace members were previously in bands such as Terrorain,H8 Target and Impact. "Bastard of war" is a cdr demo cd recorded sometime in 2007 and delivers three tracks of heavy crust influenced by the 80's UK metallic crust: About ten minutes of metal riffs, rough vocals,mid-paced rhythms and very good production, the whole concept is close to Extinction of Mankind.
the dnwld folder includes the lyrics. A 7" called "Incoming" is on the way to come out (or is already out?), check a track in their myspace
Zshare seems to have some some problems (page re-opens again and again without downloading anything), sorry people but no free time to re-up all the stuff you asked, actually i m thinking of less number of posts per month from now on due to some troubles and no free time. Kathy, Chaotic End is on megaupload, ,Assuck and Marcel Duchamp demos will be re-up'd as soon as possible :)
01:Gods of famine
02:Cast your net
03:Born into oblivion

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Anonymous said...

thank you!
youre website is great. i am sitting since days here. it's good to have such informations about these bands. but i have only one problem. i cannot download at zSHARE. i know that you uploaded a lot there. but i hope that you will have someday enough time to change it. stay active!