Morne-Demo (2008 cd-r)

An excellent demo from a new and very promising band:Morne hail from Boston Massachusetts they formed in 2006/07 and founding members include Milosz (Filth Of Mankind) and Jeff (Disrupt, Grief etc).
The demo delivers seven tracks and 39 minutes total running time of emotional metallic crust. 500 copies were made, the Amebix and Neurosis influences are here and Milosz guitar echoes his past in Filth of Mankind: Emotional guitar parts, mid-paced tempos and keyboards paint the picture in dark colors.
The band is going to re-record the songs for a debut full length in 2009 so the demo will be available for downloading for a short time, furthermore No Options Records is going to release the vinyl version of demo in limited number of copies. Morne also are going to release a spit w/ Warprayer .

03:Ignorance is bliss
04:Twilight burns


whispered into existence said...

That's galloping, pummelling, & crushing - all at once! Thanks for this, it's absolutey awesome! I've been going back to polish crust a lot recently (Filth Of Mankind, Silence, even El Banda), so this fits right in. It also brings back some funny memories, of course!

Batguano said...

I picked this up a couple months ago; your description is dead-on accurate! They had a hard time keeping a steady line-up for a while, but I hope they hold it together this time. VERY promising; very powerful!

Anonymous said...

This one was actually released in 2008 and it is BY FAR the best demo of the year!! Can't wait for their split with Warprayer and more new material!!

7inchcrust said...

thanks for correcting me dim, and yes this is a masterpiece,

btw, happy new year ;) cheers