VA-The darkest four (2003,tape)

This is a tape i had from Uzername, the guy who runs Burning Japan blog and forum: "The darkest four" is a live tape recorded in 2003 and delivers the metallic crust of Effigy, Zoe, Acrostix, and Disturd.
The tape was recorded in 26/4/2003 in Okayama Pepper land, it is about 24 minutes long, the sound quality is not the best but not completely crap, each band appears in one or two tracks. There is no any label mentioned on the cover so i don't know if this is an official or boot tape so any help about it or any other info is appreciated.
Effigy's From the hades comes from "Evil Fragments" cd, i don't know where Fester terror comes from it doesn't appear in their releases. Acrostix track appeared a few years later in "A chain of hatred" lp. I don't know anything about Disturd or the Zoe's track (help pleaz..:)

Effigy:Fester terror
Effigy:From the hades
Acrostix:The day comes
Zoe:Spere alive
Distrud:Scum system fear


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Great comp.

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