Pisschrist-Distort Melbourne (tape,2004)

Pisschrist hail from Melbourne, Australia and "Distort Melbourne"demo was recorded in 2004. This is how they took their name: "We were all staying in this punk warehouse in Northcote and Pisschrist was something like a house band. One of our house mates suggested it. It was a rude and brutal name plus when the actual photo of pisschrist came to Melbourne there was a big controversy that led to the smashing of the pic by Christian groups"
For more details about the band, their discography (two lp's, two ep's and two split ep's) and their tour in South East Asia, check their interview in Protest zine. "
Distort Melbourne" came out in tape but there was a cd version for their South East Asian tour, these nine pissed tracks deliver harsh vocals, angry riffs blending Japanese and Swedish hardcore with a crusty feeling,, the sound is decent, about 17 minutes the running time. If i m not mistaken, their singer is from Japan.
Pisschrist have played in Obscene Extreme fest, check some videos here: Obscene Extreme in 2006, & 2008,
01:A river runs red
02:Forget in the flames
03:Fight back
05:Black wind of evil
06:Tiba masa
07:Pecah kepala
08:Tofu terror


Batguano said...

Great! When it comes to straight d-beat, these guys are one of the best the world has to offer.

Batguano said...
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Chris said...

These guys are great live. I saw them twice last year.

Toxik Boys said...

yeah!, great band



Anonymous said...

The singer Yep (spelling may be wrong) is from Indonesia originally. Members of Schfosi, ABC Weapons etc.

Unknown said...

Hahah... heya lads!! Yeap is from Malaysia not Indonesia, Singapore or Japan. He is friends of mine. He is Chinese born Malaysian. Could you correct it. Cheers!!

Anonymous said...

YEAP is from Malaysia. He used to play with MASS SEPARATION, KAMIKAZE 45, etc before moving to Australia.