Niyazov-For your death sign here (cd,2006)

Another piece of brutality coming from the Balkans, this time from Novi Sad, Serbia. Niyazov formed in 2004 and "For your death sign here " was recorded two years later
A text from their myspace:"The idea about this band was born back in 2004. as a side project when Basara and Spaske wanted to do something a bit faster and more punk oriented than their main bands. After two years of searching for the people with similar appetites, first line up is settled for rehearsal and what we got is one raw, full speed ahead hardcore band combining d-beat classics with fast-core and grind influence and no compromise political lyrics. "For your death sign here____" is our first promo material...and there you have it!
In "For your death sign here" the band delivers four studio and five live tracks, about 10 minutes total running time of a fastcore/crustcore, the download folder includes a 35 seconds video shot of "Share your love". The band runs Suicide Promotions blog (texts in their native language) and offers this demo for free
01: National fraud
02:Share your love
03:For your death sign here
05:For your death sign here (Live)
06:I love hardcore boys i love boys hardcore (live)
07:National fraud (live)
08:Grilah (live)
09:Share your love (live)

Niyazov-For your death sign here


Anonymous said...

could you post Parasytic demo by any chance?

7inchcrust said...

you mean these guys?