Psychosis-Burial of wrath (tape,1994)

Psychosis (Ψυχωση) was a metallic crust act from Athens, Greece: They formed in 1993 and split up around 1997, "Burial of wrath" was recorded in 1994 and apart from this demo they contributed tracks in several compilations incl. the legendary "Disturbance of Domestic Peace" (Panikos,Ashen Breath, Mastiga etc), , in 1996 they recorded some tracks for an upcoming cd that was never released (get it here). "Burial of wrath" delivers five tracks and 22 minutes of mid-paced metallic crust heavily influenced by '80's UK crust. The cover artwork is similar to "No sanctuary" of Amebix, there are some faster parts, dark haunting lyrics and gruff vocals, thick guitars and decent production.
01:Intro-creating the end
02:Obedience to hate
04:Silent suicide
05:Useless lives-indifferent pigs


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