Fall of Efrafa-demo (cd,2006)

Fall of Efrafa is one of the greatest bands of melodic neocrust. Hailing from Brighton,UK they managed to blend rock, metal, hardcore,d-beat and crust in an amazing way, Their debut lp "Owsla" was a groundbreaking record and was followed by a split lp with Down to Agony and the second part of "The Warren of Snares" trilogy, "Elil". Here's some alternative versions of four tracks that appear in Owsla lp. No more to say, you know these dudes, don't you?
01:Pity the weak
02:Soul to bare
03:Last but not least
04:The fall of efrafa


Batguano said...

I know these guys! Some people will probably complain that they bring too much emotion and "arty-ness" to crust, but I don't care. Love 'em! Thanks for posting!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

i've been looking everywhere for some Fall of Efrafa :) i cant even find gigs of them lol. thanks dude, got more?

7inchcrust said...

make a google search: blogspot fall of efrafa . it will give you many results.
Elil seems to be still available from Halo of Flies Records in CD & vinyl

some Fall of Efrafa members are in a band named Aradia