Disaffect-500 yahre zivilisation cd

Disaffect were a hardcore band from Glasgow, Scotland, UK, they formed in early 90's and disbanded a few years later and some members joined forces with Sedition members and formed Scatha and Quarantine. Their discography is the "An injury to one is an injury to all" 7" (Nabate,Flate Earth,1992),"Home of the slave" 7"(Anonymous Rec.s/Uneasy Listening Rec./Maximum Voice Productions), a split 7" w Sedition (Nabate,1993),"Chained to morality" lp (Nabate,1994) and the live "Powerless With A Guitar" lp (Axiome Production,1996).There is also the discography cd on Anomymous/Panoptic Vision.
Back in 1991, Disaffect recorded a few tracks in a demo tape,thanks to Chris Crustcracker this demo is here for you in remastered cd version, i don't know when this came out or any further info, so if you know anything make a comment..
01:Humane humans
02:No end in sight
03:Solution available
04:World disorder
05:Money for greed
06:A plea for life
07:You'll sue who
08:If earth dies,we die
09:New faces,same old shit
10:The last giant


dust noise said...

additional info :
recorded at City Center Studio, Glasgow, October 1991

cheers & beers

whispered into existence said...

I have this w/ a different cover - the classic disaffect logo w/ a lady waving a black flag w/ the (A) symbol on it (here: http://www.punk-belts.com/product_info.php?cPath=47_57&products_id=582 ). Funny

Anonymous said...

No longer available...?
Brob Tilt!