Masskontroll-No gods,no mastering plants(tape,1995)

Masskontroll were a political crust band from Portland, Oregon heavily influenced by 80's Japanese and Swedish scene, they were active in mid 90's including Kelly(Defiance,Detestation and others) in their ranks.
Their discography was: A split 5" w Rupture(1994,Wiggy Records ),"Recycle or die" flexi(1994,Consensus Reality), split 7" w Heatline(1994,Malarie), split 8" w Battle of Disarm(1995,Consensus Reality), They also had the "Will you ever learn?" lp(1995,Mind Control Rec.s) and the "Carrion" (live demo tape/cdr).
If you run back the pages of 7inchcrust blog and check Masskontroll-Warpath 7" post you ll read about an error pressing due the making of the record. As you can read on the cover this tape was the result of this error: the band put the error'ed tracks together in a limited hand numbered tape.Here is a copy for you..
4:Winds of genocide


Anonymous said...

It was never a limited tape. It was just the 25 copies of the test pressing with the wrong songs on it.

Anonymous said...

btw it's "plants" not "plans"

7inchcrust said...

i knew it a limited tape,maybe thats because of the notice on th cover "special edition for friends etc"
thanks, anyway.
and yes, its "plants" and not "plans"

Anonymous said...

Masskontrol also had an ep on Havoc and were on the V/A Fear, Persuasion, Violence & Obedience 2 x 10" on Wiggy. Great blog by the way...keep up the good work!!

Fibro said...

can you please re-up it?

Eduardo Rivas said...

They also appear in the Pigs Suck 2x7" compilation with Spazz, Mankind?, Capitalist Casualties, Quincy Punx, Terminal Disgust, F.Y.P, and Oppressed Logic