Psychosis-Unreleased cd(Greece,1996)

Apocalyptic crust with harsh vocals, metallic riffs and midpaced tempos in the vein of Amebix and Axegrinder. Pcychosi (Pchychosis) were a crust band from Athens Greece,they were formed in 1993 and recorded the "Burial of wrath" demo tape (1994),they contributed tracks in a few compilations including the legendary Disturbance of Domestic Peace comp(1996 DIY Records). They had a few recordings for a upcoming release but they disbanded before release this upcoming cd....
Here 's the unreleased cd, some tracks are either untitled or with no vocals, this is for fans of Axegrinder and the likes. enjoy it

Psychosis-Unreleased cd

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crustcracker said...

great band+good guys,we played together(decadencia+psychosi) at villa amlias squat back at 1997,thanx