Blatantly stolen from Am i mean? blog, posted here with no shame,i don't want this time to keep it short so its time for a little rant:
Catharsis was formed in early/mid 90's in North Carolina USA and were almost synonymous with CrimethInc label/collective and the legendary Inside Front Zine back in mid 90's. Inside Front,an ultra political zine, was ran Brian Dinglendine, frontman of Catharsis. Fall is their demo tape and its the first statement of their revolutionary metallic hardcore with religious surface but deeply sociopolitical/anarchist content.These tracks were included in the eponymous cd along with the eponymous ep tracks.
Fall is a piece of apocalyptic dark hardcore crust that only Catharsis could deliver through rage and fury carved in guitar riffs, and bitter lyrics about annihilation of capitalism, hierarchy,self-determination etc.
Their discography was this demo, a eponymous ep, the eponymous lp , Samsara lp, the split lp with Newborn the Passion lp the split with Gehenna and split with Newspeak
Catharsis exist no more and Dinglendine goes on with Requiem (Check their Storm Heaven cd, a great release with some killer tracks)
Now after reading this little shit go get it:this is holy terror!


TerroRene said...

Thanx a lot for this,
is it ok to link to this post?

7inchcrust said...

its ok no problem :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks! but i somehow don't understand, 3 tracks mentioned on the tape and only 2 appear here, and some bonus stuff.. and track numbering like it are the same tracks from the albums.

Isn;t there just a plain rip of that tape available anywhere??

7inchcrust said...

well this tape was taken from Am i Mean? blog. looks like Pope took these tracks from the st lp (where this demo is included) but he took the wrong tracks, never checked it before...