Righteous Pigs-Our demo (tape,1987)

This is Our demo from Righteous Pigs from Las Vegas NV, United States, a demo tape recorded in 1987. It consists six tracks with nihilistic lyrics, distorted bass, tuneless guitars with the familiar noisy and filthy sound of 80's grindcore. Unlike the majority of grindcore "singers" the vocals are not the usual barking of lyric lines in front of microphone and Joe Caper looks like is trying to sing. Righteous Pigs released two lp's, one single and disbanded. Mitch Harris(Napalm Death) was their guitarist.
01: Incontinent
02: Joint effort
03: Celibate tease
04: I hope you die in a hotel fire
05: Misconduct
06: Destined to rot


Anonymous said...

Great site. I was wondering if you could post Aus-Rottens Demos. I had them before but they accidently got deleted. So when you get the time could you please post it. Thanks

7inchcrust said...

Hi Jay! ok, in a few days Aus Rotten will be posted. :)