Contravene-Forever in struggle (tape)

This is the demo tape of Contravene, recorded back in December of 1999, consisting 8 tracks of angry anarchopunk influenced by scandinavian hardcore. The band covers one DIRT track, the inner foldout includes lyrics texts and a few infos about the recordings. According to Catchphraze Records web site the tape is still available for 1$ . Contravene were a great band getting better and better in each record they have released by adding new elements such as acoustic parts and getting better as musicians, unfortunately they disbanded a few years ago..
1: Selfish ideals
2: Our biggest mistake
3: Inhuman cage
4: A world without future
5: Hiroshima (DIRT)
6: Insecurity
7: Organize
8: Another bullet,another dead

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoy listening to this band, it's hard to get anything though, took several songs off a sampler and their homepage.