Carnage-Duality EP

Hailing from  Lisboa, Portugal, Carnage deliver their Apocalyptic crust with their new Ep,Duality released by Profane Existence in February 20th, 2019. For those unfamilair with the band, "Carnage are a new band from Lisboa, Portugal playing apocalyptic mid tempo metal influenced Punk, without sounding as a copy cat band and surely having their own thing going, you can hear the influences of both great 80´s metal influenced U.K. and Japanese Punk scenes (Amebix / Antisect / English Dogs / G.I.S.M. / Gastunk....). "
The ep comes in 7 inch format with amazing artwork made by Stiv from Visions of War, Here's the description of recording from Profane Existence: "Apocalyptic mid-tempo metal influenced crust from Portugal. Dark, thought-provoking stenchcore in the vein of bands like ANTISECT & S.D.S. yet something new. CARNAGE unapologetic expand on the sounds of their predecessors creating a very unique take on the genre" A track titled "Prepare to Mourn" is available in bandcamp as teaser and first taste for the upcoming sonic Apocalypse


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