COTÄRD-Demo cd

This is Raw Punk from Mexico: COTÄRD is a new band from San Luis Potosí and here's their debut demo cd, co-released by Dogma Destroyer Rec.s, Exabrupto Rec.s  & Distro., Life In Disaster Rec.s and Mundo En Kaos Rec.s. The demo lasts twenty minutes, it consists of seven songs and delivers raw punk/kängpunk at its finest reminiscent of bands such as Warvictims, Electric Fineral and the likes. Pure D-beat with distorted three chord riffs and rough vocals. Recorded at Nebula Estudio, San Luis Potosí, mixing and mastering by Mattias Persson @Sceleris. Malmö, Sweden. artwork by Egor Korolevitch. All and all, this is an excellent piece of noise and hope to hear more by  them. Also available for streaming in bandcamp

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