LEXICON-5 Tracks Demo (cassette)

Female fronted Raw Punk from Seattle, Washington State, USA.: "Nearly inhuman levels of rage and power from Seattle's newest noise punk outfit featuring Madam KJ on (first time ever!) vocal shredding duty. Ferocious styles to say the least. LEXICON stalks like a newly liberated beast and pummels your senses to dust. Proper shit. 100 pro-dubbed cassettes housed in a custom J-card with extra insert. Recorded by Jose Mora. Mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth. Art by Devin McKernan." (description of Iron Lung)
The cassette brings five tracks and running time of 8:20" of fast and aggressive, frantic, ear damaging raw punk. This is killer recording full of wrath. The cassette is available from Iron Lung, also in spotify and iTunes, not any band site around.

Iron Lung store
Iron Lung bandcamp
Lexicon bandcamp


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