Carnage-34º23"41'N 132º27"17'E (Demo 2017)

"Carnage are a new band from Lisboa, Portugal playing apocalyptic mid tempo metal influenced Punk, without sounding as a copy cat band and surely having their own thing going, you can hear the influences of both great 80´s metal influenced U.K. and Japanese Punk scenes (Amebix / Antisect / English Dogs / G.I.S.M. / Gastunk....). "
The demo with the weird title was recorded in January 2017,  this coordinate indicates the city of Hiroshima and on cover artwork you can see the Peace Memorial monument in memory of nuclear destruction, it came out as cassette and it is still availble. music wise it consists of four tracks and 23 minutes of heavy, midpaced metal driven crust,infuenced by late 80's UK Crust (Final Dent is an Amebix, worship) and with a slight Japanese metallic crust flavor. All and all this is a nicepiece of stenchcore crust and delivers the goods. You can stream it in bandcamp or even better buy a copy from the band.
Future plans is the release of a 7" sometime in 2019 with artwork created by Stiv from Visions of War

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