Destruct-Human Failure (tape)

Destruct hail from Richmond Virginia, USA and Human Failure is a four track cassette  of raw punk: No infos about the band this is probably their debut cassette. Music wise, you are going to get thrashed by a merciless storm of noise and a ferocious mixtire of Disclose and Totalitar: "In the current day, buzz words such as "Raw punk" and "D-beat" are constantly thrown around in effort to label bands heavily influenced by Discharge. While a great number try to emulate this style, few deliver with any substance. Destruct are a rarity; not only by having well-crafted songs that contain urgent, and crushing riffs, they also capture raw, yet powerful, sonic clarity. Four songs in the tradition of Disaster, Totalitar, & Disclose. Mastered by Shigenori Kobayashi at Noise Room Studio in Tokyo for maximum earache. Limited to 200 professionally duplicated cassettes." this is the description in Agitate Records where is still available. Available also in bandcamp. No need to say more. enjoy the noize

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