Contrast-6 tracks

Contrast is one man D-beat band from Petrozavodsk, a city located in northwest Russia, no any infos on the web, only a bandcamp page with no information. This is the debut release of this guy, uploaded in Bandcamp in December 2017 and probably recorded sometime earlier. As the title says, this recording consists of 6 tracks and brings nearly ten minutes of old school D-Beat, the quality is rough and noisy and fits nicely with the genre, the riffs are smart and catchy,  the vocals are angry shouts drawn in reverb. All and all this is a nice piece of D-beat shit and considering the fact that there is only one man behind this and probably doing everything until the songs come out in their final form, this is way better than your expectations. Hope to see more by Contrast in the future or even this in physical format.


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