Relief-Demo tape 2016

Here is another diamond hidden among the dozens of new bands that pop up in bandcamp everyday: Relief come from Richmond, Virginia and deliver D-beat crust punk reminiscent of Doom in music and vocals.They are another case of obscure band with no any information floating on the web, just a vid here from Punx Picnic in January 2016 in Baltimore. Anyway the demo came out as cassette and is available from the band, (you can cintact them via mail in bandcmamp), it consists of nearly fifteen minutes of D-beat crust punk in the vein of Doom, Hiatus and the likes. even their name comes from a Doom song so what else you expect? even the vocals and the singing style reminds of Doom. oh and what a surpsise, there is a Relief cover here! This is fuckin great and stands among the best demo releases of this year. The cassettes include lyrics. The demo is available in bandcamp


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