Caustix-Total Noise War tape 2015

Now this is really good piece of D-beat: Caustix hail from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, they deliver D-beat raw punk,  i searched the web but i didnd't find any info about them, just some gigs they played in. Total Noise War is their debut release which came out in 2015 in 50 copies. Cassette's running time i short, the noise attack has complete the ear mayhem after 6:20", the first song is a little slower as a kind of intro to the upcoming sonic inferno. The rest  three tracks are a hell of noise.and deliver the goods. There's nothing to complain here, the distorted guitar sound, the echo-ed vocals, the bass lines and pummeling D-beat drumming, all create an aggressive and solid piece of raw punk. This stands equal to some well known names. Total Noise War came out in 50 copies on randomly coloured cassettes and is available in bandcamp


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