Knür hail from Molins De Rei, a municipality near Barcelona, Spain they are a melodic crust/neocrust band and here's their first st recording, available in bandcamp. The band recorded eleven songs and forty (40!) minutes of melodic crust and they managed to deliver the goods: There's great guitar work with nice leading guitar parts and melodic lines, there's the appropriate percentage of metal in here, there's fast pace in all songs with some midpaced emotional parts, screamed/yelled vocals and lyrics in Spanish (a transalation in English in bandcamp would be great). There is some variety with differenr paces in songs, mith more or less metallic hints etc and this make the recording interesting. Knür do not reinvent the wheel of melodic crust but they deliver a decent piece of crust, sometimes mournful and epic and sometimes angry neocrust. I didn't see any physical copies, this is probably only available in digital format in bandcamp. Give it a listening



Anti-Diktatur-Demo Live '13 tape

Anti-Diktatur hail from Bogotá, Colombia, the band was created from the need to play music simply basic but well made; we are influenced mainly by the finnish punk, the scandinavian hardcore and the mountain punk of the "developing" world. Incl. members of Pütchi, Maniatikatz and Amor & Rabia.  Demo Live '13 is a seven track demo and as the title says it was live recorded and this is obvious from the raw sound quality. There are six tracks in bandcamp but you can get the complete seven track demo in a download link. along with artwork.  What the band can deliver is revealed in Identitad, a track recently recorded with much better sound quality

dnld link


B.E.D.A. the one man army based in the bogs and barren wastelands of Belarus is back with one more release this time consisting of thirteen tracks of raw punk. I have posted almost everything this guy recorded (here) apart from his latest split with Abominations All Over. Anyway, Misantrawpunk comes as cd and delivers raw and primitive D-beat, the kind of noise that was create during the latest B.E.D.A. releases. Totally distorted guitars and bass, D-beat drums and acid vocals in native language (there is translation in English in bandcamp).Mis antrawpunk was released by Evil Punk Records, a diy label run by the B.E.D.A. guy and is available in bandcamp too



Bombardement-Demo tape 2016

Bombardement hail from Bordeaux, France and this is their debute demo tape, the band includes former and current members of Warning//Warning, Gasmask Terrör, Monarch and others. The tape consists of eight track incl. a Meanwhile cover, well mutilated and delivers female fronted D-beat punk at its finest having its roots in the Why? and Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing era of Discharge. This is fuckin great tape!. You can contact the band via bandcamp (i didn't see any other page) and order a copy, All songs of demo are available there for streaming. I don't need to type more bullshit, go and listen it.


Wørsen-Promo tape 2016

Wørsen come from Florida, United States, they are a blackened crust act (don't confuse them with Worsen from North Carolina) and this is their two track promo tape. Wørsen is a new band, formed in 2014 and apart from this promo they have a rehearsal available in bandcamp (here),  the two promo tracks will be part of an upcoming release titled Grand Sceme on Deadtank Records and Popnihil Records. Music wise they deliver raw and primitive black metal orienteted crust/blackened D-beat crust, the extreme noise we all know from Iskra. This is furious and chaotic, raw as hell. This is available in bandcamp too