Knür hail from Molins De Rei, a municipality near Barcelona, Spain they are a melodic crust/neocrust band and here's their first st recording, available in bandcamp. The band recorded eleven songs and forty (40!) minutes of melodic crust and they managed to deliver the goods: There's great guitar work with nice leading guitar parts and melodic lines, there's the appropriate percentage of metal in here, there's fast pace in all songs with some midpaced emotional parts, screamed/yelled vocals and lyrics in Spanish (a transalation in English in bandcamp would be great). There is some variety with differenr paces in songs, mith more or less metallic hints etc and this make the recording interesting. Knür do not reinvent the wheel of melodic crust but they deliver a decent piece of crust, sometimes mournful and epic and sometimes angry neocrust. I didn't see any physical copies, this is probably only available in digital format in bandcamp. Give it a listening



Reliquias de Mostaza said...

Howdy Billie, it's been a while I hope you are well. Hey I am on a wild goose chase trying to find the early Napalm Death demos? I had links posted on my blog, but they are dead now and I lost all my music files about a year ago. Thanx bud and take care, Justin Mustard Relics

Unknown said...

i didn't liked the screams/yells but the lyrics worth a read and the neocrust vibe is really sweet.