Timekiller come from Brazil and Stagnant is their third release after Bleed Out (posted here) and their split with Deaf Kids. The band was formed by people who were in bands such as Deaf Kids, Drone Throne, Prosthetics and Speed Kills and include also a US guy who's currently living in Brazil. "We play a very fuzzed-out and distorted style of hardcore which draws influenced from oldschool speed metal as well as from japanese and scandanavian hardcore". Stagnant consists of six songs of distorted crust and noise punk with echoed vocals, a style familiar to raw punk bands, There are a few hinTs of Motorhead influences but not in the level of previous releases. Not bad at all. This is available in bandcamp along with all Timekiller releases


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bends is really cool
and vapid have a wierd vibe like a creepy posthxc...
just saying
thanks for the post &