Kriminal-Demo 2016

"Kriminal is a new Berlin based D-Beat/HC-Punk Band(not really any Crust in here but i think it somehow fits on you Page) with ex and current members of Nocturnal Scum, Instinct of Survival, Countdown to Armageddon, Guided Cradle, Endrophobia,....). Musik is best described as fast HC-Punk influenced by Swedish HC (Totalitär/Anti Cimex)as well as State of Fear and Consume and with occasional RocknRoll Riffs thrown in here and there."
This was the mail i received from Lasesie and more or less describes this demo: Six tracks and ten minutes of filthy D-beat driven punk with crust hints incorporating the hardcore parts of Totalitär and early Anti Cimex with the power and crustcore rage of Consume and State of Fear. This is something different from these guys considerng their past in stenchcore and crust bands. Available in bandcamp.


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Unknown said...

nice riffs and lil solo guitar parts

Judgmental Pricks is great.