Repressione-Fuoco tape 2016

Fuocco (fire) is the second release by the antifascist raw punks Repressione from Bologna, Italy. We first met them intheir debute Rumore e Rabia some months ago, Repressione is an raw punk band with old school grindcore and crust influences incorporated in their noise, a important shit about them is the antifascist, antiracist, antimachist and anticapitalist stance of members and that reflected in their lyrics and to be honest, to me this is most important than making any kind of music, especially in the new dark age we are living. Anyway Fuocco consists of ten songs incl, the cover of Spero Venga La Guerra, originally by Wretched, music wise this is a frantic punk attack full of aggression, passion and fury, blending the influence from local acts such as Wretched, Contastro etc and delivering a sonic hell,  The vocalist shouts his statements in a shitload of lyrics in each song, all songs are fast, sometimes in high speed and sometimes a little slower, the lyrics in most songs are in Italian, i wish there was translation in engligh in bandcamp where this is available along with lyrics and cover artwork. Overall this is a piece of raging punk good enough to deafen yourears. Fuocco is going to come out soon on cassette format in 50 hand-numbered copies. There is a dnld link provided by the band.

dnld link

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