Fast Fuckers-Bastard youth

Fast Fuckers come from Krasnodar, Russia and include members of Busywork and Endless Dispute, their first demo came out in 50 cassettes and was followed by a split  Sharm SS and Bastard youth. According to the band. Bastard youth come out as cassette and lathe cut vinyl, probably in very limited copies, it consists of five tracks incl. a cover of a band named женская дисгармония (zhenskaya disgarmoniya, Woman Disharmony), music wise delivers primitive hardcore/d-beat punk, something that i didn't mention in the previous FF post it the queer tag in their bandcamp. Bastard youth is available in a link provided by the band, lyrics  are in russian and provided in bandcamp with English translation . This was released by Destroy Sound, a label with a shitload of releases under their belt

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